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11th September 2015


Dear Colleagues,


We have recently been working collaboratively across primary and secondary care to improve out cancer pathway performance and ensure that patients are diagnosed and treated as soon as possible.  As part of this work, the TWEEK leaflet (attached), which some of you may be familiar with, has been re-designed to be easily used in GP surgeries. It also includes contact numbers at our hospitals for patients to call if they haven’t received an appointment within four days.


We kindly ask that patients you are referring under the two week rule are given a copy of the new TWEEK leaflet and made aware that:

      • they have been put on a 2 week referral pathway to rule out possible cancer
      • they will need to be available to attend an appointment within 14 days are not going on holiday during this time period
      • the first contact by the hospital may be to offer direct to test e.g. endoscopy
      • they will need to be available to attend diagnostics and possible treatments within 62 days



To help us with referrals could you please ensure:

      • referral details are complete on the appropriate form, to enable triage
      • patient contact details include both current and preferred contact numbers
      • baseline blood tests & investigations have been completed i.e.
        • LGI, Urology, Lung & Gynae pathways where triage to CT is possible will require FBC and U’s&E’s
        • Urology – PSA
      • Clinical information, including anti-coagulation, is included in the referral


Updated referral forms are also on the way as soon as these have been approved by NHS England.   Referral forms and TWEEK leaflet will be available via the GP area of our website.  This information for patients is part our on-going improvement work and we are keen to hear from colleagues who have suggestions for improvements, or comments on cancer services.


With many thanks for your help in improving cancer treatment for all our patients


    Mrs Liz Howells – Associate Director for Surgery & Cancer

    Mr Ian Laidlaw – Chief of Service for Surgery & Cancer

Clinical Pathways